Would you like the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in the office furniture Business, without the burden of risk, stock holding, cash flow and loans? Either earn a commission from an office furniture lead resulting in a sale, or become a Desk and Chair sales agent.

Desk and Chair has identified office furniture as a non-branded merchandise, which every business requires. Our goal is to simplify the office furniture sale, by combining our value ranges into well marketed concepts.

We are able to offer the best value in the market due to our direct bulk buying, and sustainable low overhead structure. We are looking for self-disciplined individuals with entrepreneurial flair, and the ability to network and expose our exciting product range to small to medium businesses in your area. Desk and Chair will  back our agents, with assistance from one of our experienced outbound sales team, they will be tasked to guide you through the sales and quote process, assisting with their expertise to ensure our customer satisfaction.

Agents will be paid on a commission basis, based on their turnover, and will have a set selling price consistent with the catalogue and the website. Thus, making it easy for agents to refer potential customers or leads to our website.

Potential agents may apply to Desk and Chair head office by filling in the following application sheet on the website, or contact one of our sales directors for an appointment or discussion.