5 Benefits of Modular Desks

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5 Benefits of Modular Desks

Whether you are furnishing a new office space, or revamping an old one, buying new office furniture can be a daunting process, and a costly one. It is therefore crucial that corporates and entrepreneurs understand the benefits of the different types of office furniture on the market to ensure that they make the right purchase.

Buyers should also think long-term before they make a purchase to get the best value out of their investment. What works now, might not work 5 years from now. Cheaper office furniture might have to be replaced a lot quicker than better quality, higher priced office furniture. Will your furniture still be practical when you grow? These are factors to consider when thinking long-term.

What then, is your best option when shopping for your budget now, while keeping the future in mind? Definitely modular office tables and desks – here is why:

Strength and durability

Modular office desks feature steel end legs, and a cross-beam underneath the desk. The melamine top is then screwed into the base. This configuration ensures that the desk is strong and sturdy. The steel is also a lot more durable than your traditional panel desk legs that can deteriorate with time, and become more and more flimsy. Modular desks are therefore a smart buy as they will last a lot longer than traditional panel office desks.


Optimize your space

Modular office desks are firstly minimalistic in design. Their steel legs are less bulky, which makes an area appear larger. They are also easy to configure to ensure they fit your desired space. Clusters are easily constructed to allow the maximum possible employees in one area, while remaining functional. These clusters can be side-by-side or face-to-face, or a combination of the two, and can therefore fit in any type of space available. You can also add an l-extension to a modular desk for those needing more space to work on. Your possibilities are endless, which allows you to create the absolute best fit for your office needs.


Modular office desks are easily configured into different cluster options. Because of their design, less material is needed when building cluster systems, which results in a cheaper cost to the company. Usually with traditional panel desks, 2 or 4 full office desks are placed together with screens in between the desks. But modular desks will only have 2 end legs, no matter the size, with intermediate legs placed in between the extensions to ensure sturdiness. This concept results in a more cost-effective solution.

Modern design

First impressions count, and customers will create an image of your brand based on what they see. It is therefore crucial that your office space is modern and appealing. This will showcase that your brand is successful, adapts to modern times, and also take care of the minor details. Modular desks are a great way of doing so, as their steel leg design is modern and polished. You also have various options in desk top colours, steel leg colours and screen colours. These desks can therefore be configured to complement your office design and company colours.

Easy to extend

The biggest benefit of modular office desks is that they can easily be extended. This means that your office desks can grow with you. As your company expands and grows, you don’t have to purchase completely new desks for your space. Your modular clusters can, for example, easily be extended from 3-Way clusters to 6-Wau clusters at a much better cost. This desk design therefore futureproofs your office space, making it the best office furniture investment on the market.

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