Office Workstation, What, Why and How?



  • Computer Desk:
    Usually designed for desktop users, it has sections for a computer tower, the monitor, and printers. For example our Single Connect/ A –Frame Desk.


  • Writing Desk:
    Consists of a workspace and legs. The workspace can be customized with office trays and used as you see fit. 


  • Executive Desk:
    Accompanied by lockable cupboards and drawers, this product is suited to executive or very spacious offices, with generally larger work surface area. For example our Chicago Managerial Desk. 


  • Credenza/ Pedenza Desk:
    Built in cupboards, has a smaller worktop, and usually accompanies a managerial desk.  For example our 1600/1800 Managerial Desks.


  • Modular Desking/ Benching: 
    Steel framed benching has become more popular, for its durability, stylish minimalistic look, and adaptability to your space requirements. For example our Cluster Desks.




 Why / How:

Let’s consider some key points when selecting Office Desking:

  • Office Size:
    Measure your space beforehand, or allow our sales consultants to assist with your space planning, so that we choose the correct size desk for your space. 


  • Budget: 
    Desking cost is determined by the materials used in the manufacturing process, be guided in this process, to maximize value in your desking purchase.


  • Storage:
    Options include mobile pedestals, Credenza, Pedenza or two door systems cabinets, all need to match your desking selection


  • Style:
    Vintage, solid wood, or modern minimalistic, and modular, desking forms a strong focal point in your offices.

    So let’s ensure the style selection is aesthetically pleasing


  • Use:
    There are different types of desks for different activities.

    Consider what type of work are you doing before selecting your desk type?


  • Technology:
    What technical equipment your desk will require, power points cable trays?

Desk and Chair number one Value tip?

  • Ensure your desking selection can adapt to your future business requirements and ensure your selection is GREAT VALUE!



For further guidance and on how to choose a Desk , contact our Desk and Chair team or visit our showroom 820 16th Road Midrand today.