Ergonomics, What, Why and How?



Adjustable components to accommodate different body shapes and movement.


  • Health.
  • Better posture and seating experience, leads to higher productivity.
  • Reduction of strain, and better blood circulation when sitting for long periods.
  • Better quality components, longer lasting.



Let’s consider some key points when selecting an Ergonomic chair.

  • Adjustability: Ensure that your chair can adjust in some, or all the areas listed below, to accommodate your bodies optimum level of comfort, for example our Merryfair Ergonomic Range.

  • Seat Depth: Around 40% of the Thighs should be supported by the seat, sliders allow the user to move the seat to their comfort position whilst seated for example, the Merryfair Motion High Back Ergonomic Chair. 

  • Armrests: Adjustable, broad and comfortable so that your elbows can fit comfortably on them for example the Merryfair Wau Ergonomic Chair. 
  • Seat and Backrest materials: Most common being fabric seat for structure, and mesh breathable backrest for example the Merryfair Tune Ergonomic Chair.


Desk and Chair number one Value tip?

  • Ensure that your Ergonomic chair has at least three of the above mentioned movement options, and is GREAT VALUE!



      For further guidance and on how to choose a Desk , contact our Desk and Chair team or visit our showroom 820 16th Road Midrand today.