Office Chairs, What, Why and How?



  • Mid back:

This chair typically does not have a headrest. It can also be referred to as a task chair. Includes mechanism with a base and castors, height range between 100-115cm. For example the Kansas Mid Back.

  • High back:

This chair would typically have a backrest that extends up to and individuals head. It can also be referred to as a Managerial Chair. Also includes base with castors and mechanism, height range between 117-130cm. For example the Columbia High Back. 

  • Visitors:

Usually mid-back, these chairs have legs or a cantilever base instead of a base with castors. These chairs typically accompany a High Back Chair/Managerial Chair; they are also used around smaller conference tables. For example the Link Visitors.

  • Bonded Leather:

Up to 70% genuine leather, more durable, offering a higher rub count. For example the California High Back. 

  • Ergonomic chairs:

Better design and functionality, for improved adaptability, style and comfort. For example the Motion Ergo High Back



Why / How:

  • Seat Height:
    Ensure that your chair is height adjustable, ideally your forearms should rest parallel to the desk that you are working at.

  • Lumbar Support:
    A chair should offer lower back support to the user when seated upright, some chairs have additional, adjustable lumbar support.

  • Seat Depth and Width:
    Ideally your knees should be at a 90 degrees angle, whilst your feet are rested on the floor. Chair width would depend on the individual.

  • Seat / Backrest Material:
    Range from leather, Bonded, PU or Mesh, seat and backrest material depends on the customer’s preference, we suggest that you sit in a few chairs to see what you comfortable with.

  • Mechanism:
    Depending on your budget, your chairs mechanism is the key to seating adjustability, look at our blog on how to choose mechanisms for further info.


Desk and Chair number one Value tip?

  • Ensure that your chair is able to adjust to your body type, to ensure comfort, at the Right Value!



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