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We want to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year. May it be a prosperous one.

With 2020 being a significant year – a leap year – why not make some significant (or small) updates to your office space?

Take “New Year, new me” to the next level and modernize your office with our Top 3 product trends for 2020:

[1] Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are gaining popularity with people becoming increasingly aware of their health and well-being. By implementing Ergonomics in the workplace, both employers and employees have a lot to gain. Read more about the benefits here.


[2] Black Steel Frames

Add a modern, urban look to your office space by adding black steel frame furniture. This luxury look will create a great first impression to visitors. We stock a broad range of black steel frame furniture – from Managerial desks and Clusters to Boardrooms and Couches.

[3] Trendy Reception Couches

Make first impressions count with trendy reception couches. Our luxury Reagan double and single reception seating will add style and class to your reception area with its quality Vulcan fabric.

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