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It is no secret that South African weather is one of the best in the world, with sunny, clear skies and warmer temperatures enjoyed throughout most of the year. But what do these warmer temperatures mean to the comfort of office-bound employees?

Feeling uncomfortable, hot and sweaty can lead to unproductive and annoyed employees wishing the time away. It is therefore imperative that employers equip their staff with seating that will create a comfortable work experience for them.

The best weather tech solution for this is Mesh Back chairs. Office Chairs with a Mesh Back allows air to circulate through the backrest and thereby keeps the user cool. Another great benefit is that it requires minimal maintenance, as the backs of the users stay ventilated and therefore dry, and thereby ensures that the chair maintains a clean look and smell.

Here at Desk & Chair, however, we wanted to take things a bit further. Our focus is not only on cool seating for South Africans but also on making that seat as soft and comfortable as possible. We have therefore further improved our Mesh Back chairs with the addition of Memory Foam seating. Through this technology, our Mesh Back chairs will add the following to your and/or your employees’ work experience:

- Improved Circulation
- Reduced Back and Neck Strain
- Comfort
- Improved Posture

By investing in our broad, top quality range of Mesh Back chairs, a comfortable work environment awaits that will make the hours spent behind a desk fly by and enable productivity to reach new heights.

Let the air in this Summer. Shop our full Mesh Back range today.

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