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First Impressions Count

“A customer’s experience with you becomes your business card” – Naveen Jain

It is therefore crucial that you make a good first impression, and thereby ensure that customers spread an exceptional business card for you. It is through a positive brand experience that customers start building a relationship with you, and begin to trust your brand as the brand to satisfy their needs. A good first impression is also imperative to building a strong brand image and brand reputation.

So how do you get it right the first time? – by focusing on the first contact point your customers get when visiting your company. Your reception area serves as a display for your brand. Customers get an idea of what you stand for, and how you do business. Is it professional, casual, friendly or chaotic? All of these assumptions will be made in a matter of seconds when entering your premises and can strongly influence your customers’ buying behaviour, and whether they will trust you enough to do business with you.

Untidy, neglected and outdated reception areas will immediately lead to a bad customer experience and make customers wary of trusting you or your products. Having a modern, clean and professional reception area, however, will have the opposite effect and build trust in your customer’s mind.

The following key points are fundamental to making a good first impression with your reception area:

  • Reception areas should always be clean and tidy. If you can’t take care of your reception area, how are you able to care for your clients’ needs?
  • Reception areas serve as a display for your brand. It should therefore portray the correct brand image. Luxury brands should have luxurious reception areas. Modern brands should have a modern feel in their reception. Fun brands should have colour in their reception areas etc.
  • Customers should have clean and comfortable waiting/seating areas.
  • Reception areas should have a cohesive theme and should never look mismatched (or like a thrift store).
  • Make sure you keep up with modern times. A company should be able to adapt, and your reception area will show this. Keep it fresh and updated.

Here at Desk & Chair, we are experts in creating the perfect reception area to suit your brand image and workspace. Contact us for a free consultation to help you build a first impression that will last.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Andrew Grant. So make it count. Contact us today.


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