How to set up an Ergonomic Office Chair

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How to set up an Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair offers various health and productivity benefits, such as reduced back and neck strain, improved posture and increased productivity. But in order to maximize these benefits, it is important to know how to set up your ergonomic office chair to suit your body and working environment.


Not all ergonomic chairs are created equal, and some will have more adjustable features than others. The majority good quality ergonomic office chairs will however feature some, if not all of the below adjustable components.

Making these adjustments are easy, and once set up, you will enjoy exceptional comfort and support while working. Here is an easy guide to set up an ergonomic office chair for optimal performance:


Sit back as far as you can in your seat. Next, adjust the seat height so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are close to a 90 degree angle. Your feet can be placed slightly forward if it creates a more comfortable position.


A sliding seat allows you to adjust the seat depth of your chair. This adjustable feature creates a comfortable seating experience based on your height. A shorter person should adjust the seat to be closer to the backrest, and a taller person should adjust the seat a little further away. When seated, there should be a fist-size gap between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees.


You should sit up straight in your chair with your shoulders back. Adjust your backrest height to follow the natural curve of your back and spine, and to provide support to your shoulders.


Adjust the lumbar support height and depth to fit in the natural curve of your spine. This is the lower part of your back where it curves naturally.


Your arms should be directly next to the sides of your body, resting at a slightly more than 90 degree bend. The position should relieve pressure from your shoulders and upper back.

Some Ergonomic chairs, like the Merryfair Ergonomic Range, have arm pads that are adjustable in depth as well as angle. The adjustable arm pad depth will assist people of different frame sizes to support their arms directly next to their bodies, keeping their arms at a natural angle.

The adjustable arm pad angle provides added support during different activities. An inward position works during keyboard use, while an outward position is recommended during “mousing”.


Your headrest will provide support to your neck and head. Ensure that the headrest height is set up to support the centre of your head, allowing you to keep your neck and spine at an upright angle. Your computer monitor should be set up just below eye level to ensure that you keep your head back and supported by your headrest.

Having an ergonomic office chair is just the first step in improving your health, productivity and seating comfort. It is also crucial to set it up to suit your body in order to maximize its benefits.

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