Looking back at 2019

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Looking back at 2019

With the New Year fast approaching, we can’t help but reminisce about 2019. While the New Year brings excitement about new experiences and opportunities, it is also valuable to look back at the past year to hold onto the good, learn from the bad and adapt to the changes.

Here are our Top 5 takeaways from 2019:

[1] Human touch

While an Online Presence is vital in modern day business, customers still value and trust human interaction. It is therefore important that you have skilled and friendly employees that provide personal service to customers. This can be implemented online through features such as Live Chats and Social Media Messenger, but more importantly through one-on-one customer care.

Here at Desk & Chair we ensure that our customers are properly taken care of by the means of follow-up phone calls, a skilled and friendly delivery and assembly team, and consultants that will meet you at your premises (depending on your location) to ensure that you get only the best service.

[2] You are only as good as your team

Your employees are your company – especially to your customers. If they are positive, skilled, friendly and supportive, your customers will see your company as positive, skilled, friendly and supportive. If they are burnt out, negative, stressed, lazy, unhelpful etc. your customers will have the same view about you.

It is therefore crucial that you:

- Take recruitment seriously and have proper interviews to get the correct members for your team.

- Provide proper training for your staff in terms of how they should interact with customers, and how they should be an ambassador for your brand.

- Look after your employees. It is well-known that when you look after your employees, they will look after you. Treat them with respect, value their opinions and be understanding towards their personal lives, and they will return the favour by boosting and growing your brand.

[3] Growth of self-care

A culture of self-care and good personal health is on the rise which is directly impacting the growth of workplace ergonomics. Customers are increasingly seeking products that will make a positive change to their environments and that are good for their general health.

We are proud to offer a superior range of Ergonomic Chairs with all the best features for this purpose and will use these insights to further grow our product range in the New Year.

[4] The need for value

Difficult economic times create a need for value. It is not enough to provide a basic product anymore – customers want to know what else they will gain by using you as their preferred brand. Companies should therefore find innovative ways in which they can add value to a purchase. This “add-on” will depend on the type of industry you service. For example – clothing stores can provide basic tailoring (shortening hem lines etc.), or online stores can provide gift wrapping and a card for when sending a gift to someone.

Here at Desk & Chair we aim to add value to your purchase by drawing up furniture floorplans, providing personal consultations and offering financing options to our customers.

[5] Grow sustainably

Responsible manufacturing and business practices are becoming a critical component in modern day markets. Companies should ensure that they:

- Limit the negative impact their products and services have on the environment.

- Are transparent about the effects they have on the environment.

- Source their products from factories that meet the Good Manufacturing Practice standards (people, premises, processes, products and procedures).

- Look after their employees’ well-being by providing healthy working environments.

- Innovate for a greener future.

We are doing our part to growing sustainably by supplying a few ranges that have features such as BIFMA approved gas lifts, recyclable materials, locally sourced items etc. and by implementing paper recycling and charity programs at our offices. Our aim is to further innovate in the New Year to ensure that our green initiatives continue to grow.

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