Office Interior Colour Trends 2020

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Office Interior Colour Trends 2020

“Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde

Every year, the largest paint manufacturer in the world, Sherwin Williams, conducts in-depth research to establish their new paint colour ranges. They are also trusted in advising a colour of the year for interior design across the world.

This year the company ran a survey, with the help of 250 professional interior designers, to identify the latest interior colour trends, and what they are influenced by. Sue Wadden, the Director of Colour Marketing for Sherwin William discussed that the result of this survey showed that design is moving in a new direction. “It is not just about how colors look in a space, but how they make you feel”, she explained.

As a result, 2020 interiors will be filled with colours that convey a deeper meaning influenced by modern events, challenges and state of minds.

Dark is the new Neutral

Design neutrals are shifting from light, earthy tones, to dark, rich colour tones. Designers are starting to use these deep colours as neutrals to create a sense of warmth in office interiors. Some of the most popular “new neutral” colours include black, charcoal, navy, burgundy, wine red and dark forest green. A new neutral colour should be used as the main design colour in an interior space to evoke that feeling of warmth and comfort, but can be broken up with décor, textures and furniture in lighter colour hues.


Midnight blue is used in office interiors to encourage people to dream. This dark, rich navy, reminiscent of the night sky, creates a sense of wonder and provokes deeper thought when used in a designed space. Modern designers choose to pair midnight blue with organic hues such as sand, gold, champagne, wheat and natural woods. It also works great in textures and patterns that can be incorporated through rugs, cushions, wallpaper, and décor items.

Golden Yellow

With the current dire economic state of the world, and with a global health disaster caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unsurprising that the colour, Golden Yellow, will grow in popularity this year. Golden Yellow radiates optimism and hope, something we are in desperate need of in 2020. We will therefore see a rise in office interiors transformed with a touch of Golden Yellow to create a sense of positivity in the office space. However, using too much of this colour can create the opposite effect. Rather opt for using it on an accent wall or a few décor items in the desired space.

Olive Green

Inspired by nature, Olive Green brings a message of growth and prosperity, without screaming it as boldly as the previously popular hue, Emerald Green. As it is a softer tone of green, the colour can be used as a main design feature on the walls and décor items such as rugs, dividers and chairs. It is best paired with light, cleaner colours like white, beige, tan and stone.

Mango Groove

Much like the name, Mango Groove will transform any office space to a vibrant, energized spot. This striking, bold colour brings loads of energy and life to a room. Due to its bold appearance, Mango Groove is best used as an accent colour on one wall, or to accessorize a room with chairs, screen dividers, lamps and other décor accessories. Modern designers create depth to this colour trend by layering lighter shades of Mango and Orange in a room. It is also well paired with white, shades of grey and charcoal.

Organic Tones

Creating an escape from modern mayhem is the Organic Tones colour trend. This trend features soft, natural hues such as wheat, beige, champagne, sand, stone, light grey, pale yellow and bronze. By designing with Organic Tones, a sense of serenity and calmness is created in an office space. Since the colours are all subdued, it is advised to incorporate a few different textures in the design execution. This can be done through textures, patterns and grains in furniture, rugs, chairs and décor accessories such as cushions, lamps and wall art.

Layered White

The Layered White colour trend encourages an all-white design. But, instead of creating a crisp, clean look as done in previous white design trends, the new concept involves layering different shades of clean and dirty whites to an office space. This colour design trend is about creating a “blank canvas” that will spark inspiration and creativity in those surrounding it.

Ensure that the designed area is inspiring and memorable by using various shades of clean and dirty whites, and layer them with textures and patterns to create a slight contrast to the look.


Being a sophisticated and chic colour palette, different shades of Clay will portray a sense of maturity, knowledge and wisdom in an office space. This colour trend is best suited to corporate offices that are formal, classic or intelligent in nature (such as lawyers, engineers or interior designers). The palette is inspired by aged plaster, clay and pottery, and includes hues such as terracotta, fossil, olive, canyon clay and ancient sandstone. Most designers keep the look clean and simple with minimal use of textures and patterns.

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