The Benefits of Office Plants

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The Benefits of Office Plants

We, as human beings, have an inherent longing to be connected to nature. It is through this connection that our minds, bodies and spirits recharge. This has already been proved by various studies that revealed even adding a hint of greenery to your office space, can have major benefits for employees and the work environment:

[1] Increase Productivity

According to a 2014 research done by the University of Exeter, employees’ productivity increases with 15% once office plants are implemented into their work environment. Being able to see just one plant from their office desk, employees had improved memory retention and scored higher on basic tests.

[2] Improve Health

Experts argue that adding greenery to your office space will result in positive psychological health, decreased symptoms of illness, fatigue and concentration problems, and lead to overall improved employee well-being.

[3] Boost Creativity

A study done by Human Spaces revealed that including plants in offices boosted employees’ creativity by 15%. Another theory, known as the Attention Restoration Theory, supports this by suggesting that looking at nature can shift the brain into a different processing mode.

[4] Reduce Stress

A study done, by the New University of Technology in Sydney, found significant reductions in stress amongst employees when greenery was introduced to their office space. Results included a 37% fall in anxiety, a 58% drop in depression, a 44% decrease in anger and a 38% reduction in fatigue.

[5] Improve Appearance

Including natural elements in your office space will improve physical appearance. This will create a more positive customer experience and possibly lead to increased sales and an improved brand image.

Adding so many valuable benefits to your company, office plants are definitely worth the investment. You can also save on long-term costs by using artificial plants instead. Whatever your preference, make sure that the grass is always greener on your side by adding greenery to your office space.

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