The Best Ergonomic Chairs in South Africa

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The Best Ergonomic Chairs in South Africa

The best ergonomic chairs in South Africa

After the Covid-19 National Lockdown led to the majority of South Africans working from home, many of us can testify to how harmful a dining room chair or entry-level office chair can be to our back and spinal health.

A survey done by Fellowes revealed that on average, employees spend about 67-70 days a year sitting behind their desks. This sedentary lifestyle leads to various health issues, such as muscle strain injuries, headaches, migraines, and stiff and injured necks. It is therefore vital that both employers and employees realize how important investing in an ergonomic high back office chair really is.

A proper ergonomic office chair will ensure that the time spent behind your desk is productive, while maintaining good back, neck and spinal health for its user. Ultimately you can look forward to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

If you are considering investing in an ergonomic office chair, it is firstly important to understand what makes a chair ergonomic. This will ensure that you purchase a chair that is truly beneficial for your health, and that you can make an informed decision when comparing various ergonomic office chairs and brands in the market.

One of the best ergonomic office chair brands available in South Africa is Merryfair. This luxury ergonomic office chair powerhouse has dedicated their time and skilled efforts, since 1982, to continually inventing the most effective seating technology that will ensure optimal comfort and only the best back, neck and joint support.

Their motto, “seating excellence at work”, is a testament to how the brand constantly innovate to ensure that workers around the world have the best ergonomic tools for their time spent behind their desks.

Not only is the Merryfair range an investment for your health, but it also consists of stylish designs and this at affordable prices, making it the top brand in the market.

With so many quality options, choosing the right chair for you can prove to be challenging. We have therefore summarized the 5 best ergonomic office chairs in South Africa to help you find the perfect fit.

[1] The All-Rounder

The Merryfair Wau is one of the brand’s most prestigious ergonomic chairs. The Wau combines excellent ergonomics to extract human performance and trendy styling to elicit self-confidence and satisfaction as you perform.

The chair boasts all of the best ergonomic adjustable components and innovations. Users are able to align their bodies in the best ergonomic position with adjustable features such as:

     - Height adjustable headrest
     - Height adjustable seat
     - Height adjustable backrest
     - Height adjustable armrests
     - Adjustable lumbar support
     - Adjustable tension control according to users’ weight

The Wau also features a recline-glide motion - the back and seat pivot axis is placed close to the human’s hip socket joint, such that there is no relative movement between the backrest and torso, giving a natural and constant-fit support through the recline range.

The Merryfair Wau is equipped with a Donati Synchro mechanism, meaning that the seat and backrest move at different angles when tilting or reclining backwards. This is done in a 2:1 ratio, for example, if the backrest is moved 2 inches backwards, the seat will only tilt 1 inch.

This functionality keeps you in an ergonomic position while you tilt, also without lifting your feet off the ground. It furthers makes reclining easy and creates a more fluid motion.

Complying with Merryfair’s values for sustainability, quality and responsibility, the Wau is made from 100% recyclable components and has a BIFMA Level 3 certified gas lift.

View the Wau Ergonomic Office Chair price here.


[2] The Seating Innovator

The Merryfair Reya features ground-breaking seating technology. The seat is made from an array of 62 coil springs that respond precisely and quickly to every shape, weight and movement.

Independent springs conform more accurately to the body than conventional foam and mesh surfaces, which simply stretch to a uniform tension like a hammock. The result is a more proportional pressure distribution for healthy circulation and comfort. Using springs in conjunction with a webbed Elastomer surface also provide ventilation benefits for exceptional thermal comfort.

The Merryfair Reya has a soft flexible backrest without any hard edges to restrict you in the way of dynamic seating. The back structure flexes and twists with posture changes, yet holds the back webbing in tension. The back design therefore has different support zones and soft zones to suit different areas of the back.

The Reya also features various adjustable ergonomic components such as:

     - Height adjustable armrests
     - Height and depth adjustable seat
     - 10 position tilt lock

The Reya is further equipped with a Synchro mechanism to ensure ergonomic motion. It is made from 100% recyclable components and has a BIFMA Level 3 certified gas lift.


View the Reya Ergonomic Office Chair Price here.

 [3] The Back and Spine Guru

Our spine is one of the most important parts of our body that gives us structure and support. The Merryfair Spinelly’s inspiration comes from the structure of the human vertebrae. The idea is to create a chair that simulates the support of the spine to ensure optimal comfort and performance. This is achieved through a unique rib design in conjunction with an Elastomer spine system.

The Merryfair Spinelly also features the following ergonomic adjustable components:

     - Height adjustable lumbar support
     - Height adjustable armrests
     - Depth adjustable seat

The chair is further enhanced with a Donati weight-sensing synchro mechanism which adjusts the recline resistance automatically according to the user’s weight. It is made from 100% recyclable components and is equipped with a BIFMA level 3 certified gas lift.

 View the Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Price here.

[4] The Ergo-for-Less

The Merryfair Motion encompasses all of the necessary ergonomic features to help you perform. Functionality, design and quality were the 3 main objectives the brand sought to achieve when designing and engineering the Motion chair.

It is equipped with features that give you the benefits of having an ergonomic seat, but at a more affordable price. Some of the features include:

    - Height adjustable headrest
    - Adjustable lumbar support
    - 3-way adjustable armrest
    - Auto weight-sensing tilt tension

The Merryfair Motion is also equipped with a Donati synchro mechanism allowing ergonomic movement, and is made from 100% recyclable components and a BIFMA Level 4 certified gas lift.

View the Motion Ergonomic Office Chair Price here.

 [5] The Performer

The Merryfair Tune redefines comfort and ensures precise support for every spinal curve to help you optimize your performance. With its various classic ergonomic features and multiple adjustable components, the Tune is suitable for every type of user.

Some of its main ergonomic features include:

     - Height adjustable headrest
     - Adjustable lumbar support
     - Adjustable backrest
     - 3-way adjustable armrests
     - Multi-position tilt lock

The Tune is also equipped with a Donati synchro mechanism to ensure ergonomic movement. It has a 100% recyclable Aluminium base and a BIFMA level 3 certified gas lift.

View the Tune Ergonomic Office Chair Price here.



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