The Merryfair Reya: The latest Ergonomic innovation

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The Merryfair Reya: The latest Ergonomic innovation

“It is almost universal knowledge that sports equipment is designed with ergonomics in mind and to let you perform to your maximum potential. With an awesome design to make you look like you are on top of the game.

We set out in this direction to make a chair that lets you extract maximum performance through improved ergonomics.

We designed and developed new construction techniques borrowed from sportswear, using hard stiff structures to transfer forces where required, blending with soft flexible materials where it meets our body for comfort. We used a new stitching method to attach upholstery fabric to the back so that it remains thin and flexible at the edges where shoulders will lean into.

All the while looking attractive like the latest pair of high tech sneakers.” - Merryfair

Merryfair is a world renowned Office Chair brand based in Malaysia, who continually innovate and build on the best ergonomic offerings in the market. Their efforts are focused on finding the latest technology and techniques that ensure optimal comfort and performance, all while keeping their product lines affordable and therefore open to broader markets.

The company now boasts a ground-breaking ergonomic design with one of their latest, market-leading ergonomic chairs, The Merryfair Reya.

Several clear objectives were set for the design of this innovative chair. Firstly, a soft flexible backrest without any hard edges that would restrict you in the way of dynamic seating. Different ways were also to be researched to create a back structure that flexes and twists with posture changes, yet holds the back webbing in tension. Merryfair also aimed to create a seat that will overcome the limitations of traditional foam cushion and mesh support systems, such as poor ventilation and uneven sitting pressures.

Furthermore, tension force directions encountered in webbing design were to be evaluated, to create a back design with different support zones and soft zones to suit different areas of a user’s back. Throughout this process, the designers and innovators of Merryfair had fun spending endless hours brain storming, making prototypes, testing and going back to the drawing board for better redesigns.

Through the company’s lengthy efforts and stringent design processes, The Merryfair Reya was born, a chair designed for unbounded movement – a chair that “does not box you in”.

This market-leading design was achieved by the following design techniques:

To achieve a rim-less backrest design such that you won’t feel any hard side edges, the back design utilises ribs that act like battens on a sail to keep back webbing tensioned, yet flexible.

This chair moves and bends with you, thanks to its frameless design.

The back webbing pattern not only looks arresting, but is engineered to give different levels of support at different areas of the torso.

It is wider and directly tensioned by an X shape at the lumbar region to maintain good posture, while being thinner and more elastic near the shoulders to give unrestricted movement.

3D mesh is directly stitched on to webbing, instead of using other fastening methods, to avoid losing edge flexibility.

What further sets this chair apart is its independent coil springs seat that offers a superior sitting experience.

An array of 62 coil springs responds precisely and quickly to every shape, weight and movement. These independent springs conform more accurately to body than conventional foam and mesh surfaces which simply stretch to a uniform tension like a hammock. The result is a more proportional

pressure distribution for healthy circulation and comfort. Using springs in conjunction with a webbed elastomer surface also provide ventilation benefits for exceptional thermal comfort.

Conforming to the eco-friendly morals of the Merryfair brand, the Merryfair Reya is made to be 100% recyclable. It also falls in line with the Brand’s promise of quality and social responsibility, which not only makes it a smart ergonomic buy, but also an ethical one. Merryfair proudly obtain the following certifications for their products:

- ISO – quality management
- CE (EN 1335) – stability, strength and durability of office work chairs
- Greenguard – global sustainability
- AFRDI – Quality and useful product
- BIFMA – social responsibility

They say an innovator is one who does not know it cannot be done. The tireless work and efforts of the Merryfair design team in the design of the Merryfair Reya is proof of this – the creation of an ergonomic masterpiece.

Want to know more? View the Merryfair Reya here.

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