Top 5 Boardroom Design Trends in 2020

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Top 5 Boardroom Design Trends in 2020

When a large pandemic, such as Covid-19, brings the whole world to a stop, it is unsurprising that major changes rapidly arise in the Macro-trend environment. What we thought to be important shifts in office design and functionality suddenly become obsolete and are replaced with brand new ideals and practicalities.


While a pandemic might be temporary, its effects on social and work lives, processes and the environment can be lasting. Companies thus have to adapt their work environments to better suit this new way of life and work. The faster they are able to do so, the quicker they will pave the way for continued success in their organization.

One of the largest changes for companies in 2020 will be in the way they meet. Traditional meetings in closed boardrooms and conference rooms now pose great health risks to those involved. It is therefore that major changes will occur in the way we design and operate in boardrooms and meetings going forward.

Here is a list of the top 5 boardroom design trends we will see arise in 2020:

Social Distancing

Companies have to adapt their boardrooms to allow adherence to social distancing guidelines of being at least 1 meter apart. This is leading to businesses adding larger boardroom tables to their meeting rooms that will allow the 1 meter space needed between individuals sitting opposite each other, and also allowing those sitting next to each other to be spread further apart. Another trick is to add one empty chair between occupied seats to enforce social distancing.

Other companies, especially those with smaller conference rooms, are opting for removing their boardroom tables and just allowing chairs in their meeting areas. By doing so, the space becomes larger, enabling individuals to keep a distance from each other, while also eliminating the risk of a widely touched surface. When choosing this method of design, it is however important to incorporate comfortable chairs with armrests and back support as there will be no table or desk to lean on.


With more and more employees working from home and various companies trying to keep a social distance, individuals joining meetings virtually are becoming a large trend. People are also moving away from printing notes for meetings, to avoid touched surfaces, and are opting for showing notes and work on a larger scale for everyone to see.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important for boardrooms to have a large screen, with a camera, on the wall. This will allow others to join meetings virtually, and also for those having to share notes or work, to do so on a larger scale while maintaining a social distance.

The increased need for technology in the boardroom will also increase the need for accessible plug and network points. Boardroom tables with flip-up power points will therefore become more popular in the working environment.

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Virtual Boardroom

With the Coronavirus cases rising rapidly, a lot more companies have chosen to close their offices for even as long as up to a full year. Some of these businesses are large corporates to whom professionalism and branding are crucial. Leaving their employees to choose a backdrop or room to meet virtually with their clients is just not an option. It is through this dilemma that custom virtual backdrops were created.

Companies are able to customize a backdrop with their logo. Others custom design an office-like space for their backdrop. This can be a replica of their physical offices, or can be a custom created one with their logo somewhere in the background to make it look real. Using these backdrops as their virtual boardroom creates an image of professionalism and cohesiveness.

Physical Barrier

Safety Plexiglas screens is another innovation to keep individuals safe during the pandemic. Making use of these screens creates a physical barrier between those meeting with each other, and will allow everyone to feel safe and protected. Plexiglas screens are clear, but can be customized with a variety of transparent colours. This allows you to fit the screens to your brand or boardroom design colours and will ensure that your space continues to look trendy and cohesive.


Good indoor air quality is a top priority during the Covid-19 pandemic. Boardrooms (and offices) will therefore have to transform their ventilation to adhere to the highest standards. Meeting rooms are now being designed or re-allocated to areas with large windows that will allow for natural ventilation and also include natural sunlight, which is proven to be good for your immune system. Alternatively, closed boardrooms are required to have a ventilation system that improves both air circulation and filtration.

While the Covid-19 pandemic brings about major challenges for individuals and companies, it is also shaping a future of technological advancement and innovation, while putting an emphasis on health, safety and well-being. These changes are already being seen in the latest boardroom design trends and will continue to evolve the work environment as we know it.

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