What makes a good Office Desk?

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What makes a good Office Desk?


Whether you work from home, or spend your days at the office, most of your time is spent behind a desk. Office desks are therefore a great investment that can be a valuable tool in your or your employees’ overall health, productivity and job satisfaction. A good quality office desk can last for years and will help you work more efficiently.

But how do you know which office desk design will work the best for you and ensure that your purchase is worth the investment? Consider the following foundations of what makes a good office desk to find the perfect match for your home or corporate office space:

Suits the environment

A good office desk is one that optimizes your work space and suits the environment it’s in.

An open plan office can be distracting and make employees feel like they lack a bit of privacy. This can reduce their performance, productivity and job satisfaction which negatively impacts a business. Employers should therefore consider desks that limits distractions and gives a sense of privacy, while still promoting teamwork and remaining functional in an open space. Office cluster desks will be a great addition to such an environment.

These desks are compact and optimally fill any space they are located in. They also feature screen dividers or storage boxes, which gives employees a sense of privacy and limit distractions. The screens and storage boxes are also great for additional storage of files, or sticking important notes to.


Managerial or executive office spaces require a more sophisticated and larger office desk design. L-shape desks are a perfect fit for these environments. With their broad design, these desks adequately fill larger offices and provide ample storage space to their user.

Employers and employees working from home generally have limited space when it comes to their home office design. A big consideration will therefore be the size of the computer desk they choose. The work surface of the desk will have to be large enough to allow adequate space for your laptop, mouse and papers, but small enough to fit the available space in your home. A great tip is to measure the space available, and get the largest size desk that will fit that space. While the smallest desk might be great for saving space, it could hurt your productivity and job satisfaction in the long run.

Sleek, modern design

Panel desks are outdated – and for a good reason. These office desks tend to be clumsy and bulky, making any space they fill look smaller. Modern office desks usually have steel or wooden legs which add a neat and minimalistic look to an office design. With its sleeker lines, these desks help make small areas look bigger and transform offices to be more polished and professional. They are also perfect for your home office design, as the modern, minimalistic look usually complements contemporary home furniture.


Quality will always be the most important factor to consider when purchasing an office desk. As you will spend countless hours behind it, quick wear and tear can easily happen with a poor quality desk, which could lead to a new purchase every 2 or 3 years. Rather opt for a high quality office desk that is sturdy and strong. Also take note of the warranty a desk comes with. A good quality office desk should have at least a 2 year warranty.

You should also consider the construction of and the materials used in a desk. For example: steel legs are generally more durable than pressed wood panel legs. A cross beam below a desk top provides more support than a desk with no beam. It is therefore important to thoroughly check the makeup and sturdiness of a desk before a purchase.

Smart storage space

A great addition to an office desk is if it provides a little extra storage space to its user. L-shape desks are great with this, as their sides usually consist of a pedenza, credenza or fitted pedestal. Some single desks also come with drawers or space savers that add a little bit extra space for books, stationery and technology items.

Also consider using desk top storage boxes as dividers in cluster desks. This will allow privacy while adding extra storage space for files.


Modular design

Modular style desks are great for corporate and home offices as they are easy to assemble/disassemble and therefore easy to move when required. They are also a lot sturdier than traditional panel desks. Another great feature is that they are easily extendable. This is great for open plan offices as your desking can “grow” with the company instead of you having to purchase completely new cluster sets when you expand.

While quality should always be the most important factor when investing in a new office desk, taking other considerations into account, such as the design, storage space and your environment, will ensure that you get the absolute best value for your money. Shop smart today. View our range of office desks here.


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