Why invest in Donati Mechanism Chairs?

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In sharing with Donati’s value for innovation, environmental care and excellence, we have decided to start implementing Donati Mechanisms into our Office Chair Range. As a market leader in Office Chairs and Furniture in South Africa, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our products and stay up to date with customer needs. The implementation of Donati Mechanisms in our range is just one way in which we aim to do this.

What makes these Italian Mechanisms so special?

Donati is a company of international excellence in the production of components for office seating.

Its sphere of competence covers the entire process, from design to finished product.

The direct control over the entire design and production cycle allowed Donati to acquire a strong and distinctive know-how, which continues to grow even through the development of innovative solutions.


Innovation, research, cutting-edge production technologies are consistent with the conscious approach that guided Donati in the enhancement of its human resources; in the development of a particular sensitivity to the safety and quality of work; in the attention to the environment that led it to be the world’s first manufacturer of office seating components to define Product Category Rules.


For a manufacturing company, the significance of environmental awareness means not only responsibility regarding the health of man and environment, but also means transparency in the communication of the impacts its products have on the environment and the actions undertaken to reduce them.

Respect for the environment is of paramount importance to the company in carrying out its production activity. To this end, Donati S.p.a. has obtained the certification of its environmental management system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

Donati’s packaging is made of recyclable materials

By offering chairs with Donati Mechanisms, we at Desk & Chair are ensuring a product of superior quality, innovation, functionality and, as an added bonus, one that is manufactured responsibly.

Join the revolution. Be a part of the future. Invest in Donati Mechanism Chairs.

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