Buyer’s Guide to Office Desks in 2021

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Everything you need to know to buy the right office desk 

Buying the perfect office desk does not need to be as daunting as you think. Yes, there are a plethora of choices out there, but with a simple list of key desk features in hand, the decision can be easy. While choosing for a home office will give you more freedom in your choices, the same applies to office furniture. 


Office Desk Checklist:


Firstly, you will need to decide what kind of style you would like. Do you prefer the vintage, regal look of solid wood and leather or does the modern appeal of a sleek, contemporary design seem more fitting? Your desk will be the focal point of your workspace/office, so you want to ensure that the style you choose, it is aesthetically pleasing and matches the room it is in. 



Then you want to consider what you will be using the desk for. There are different types of desks for different activities. What does your daily schedule consist of and what type of work are you doing? If you need more surface space than storage, perhaps consider a writing desk. A desk with adjustable height may be better suited to you if you prefer to work standing up or will be sitting and standing a lot.



Consider what technical equipment your desk will need to hold. If you are working on a laptop you may not need an elaborate computer desk which houses towers, monitors, keyboards, and printers. Also think about what power points and cables you will need easy access to and how you would like your desk to organise them.



For an executive office you may need formal bookshelves or filing cabinets. When working from home, you may not need that much storage space, so a Credenza or Pedestal Desk would suffice. Both have cabinets or shelves built into the desk, keeping your space compact and organised.


Office Size:

When walking through furniture showrooms, keep in mind that the size of desks can be deceiving. What seems small in a large warehouse, may be huge in your home office. Measure your space beforehand and decide what would be the best desk size to fit that space. 



Office Desks differ in price as much as any other piece of furniture. The materials, design and technology used in the manufacturing process all play a role. Office desks are mainly made from wood or metal for durability purposes. Choosing features like glass tops, veneer or solid wood will add to the bottom line. While the best office desks in quality and design are more expensive than most, you do not need to break the bank to purchase value for money items either. 

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Types of Office Desks:

With these 6 features in mind, you can make an informed decision about what type of desk you should buy. As a guideline, here are the top 4 desk types and their features:

  1. Computer Desk: The computer desk is designed for desktop users who have a more complicated setup. The desk has sections for the computer tower, the monitor, and printers. It also has a keyboard tray which slides underneath the worktop. 
  2. Executive Desk: Better suited to executive or spacious offices, this desk offers ample storage and comfort. Designed to have everything at your fingertips, the Executive Desk has lockable cupboards and drawers. 
  3. Credenza Desk: A credenza desk has built in cupboards. It has a smaller worktop so is better suited to laptop users. 
  4. Writing Desk: The simplest of them all, the writing desk consists of a large workspace and legs. The workspace can be customised with office trays and used as you see fit. 

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